Homeopathic and Psychological Treatment

Materia Medica

Study of drugs used for treatment

Icon - Materia Medica


To help a person change behavior and overcome problems

Icon - Psychotherapy

Family medicine

Comprehensive healthcare for all ages

Icon - Family medicine

Organon Of Medicine

Practice medicine with medical philosophy

Icon - Organon Of Medicine

Adolescent Health

Treating and managing child health through Adoloscence

Icon - Adolescent Health

Allergy and immunology

Everything related to immune systems

Icon - Allergy and immunology

Infertility Counselling

Professional talks to help restore fertility

Icon - Infertility Counselling

Sleep disorders

Insomnia and other sleep related problems

Icon - Sleep disorders

Sports Medicine

Preventing sports Illness and injury

Icon - Sports Medicine


Diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses

Icon - Psychiatrist

Pain Management

Relieving all acute, chronic and challenging pains

Icon - Pain Management